Our Response for COVID-19 - UPDATED 3/27/2020 - LEARN MORE

UPDATE 3/27/2020 - We are still receiving new stock & shipping orders !

Our distributors, suppliers, vendors and manufacturer's have still been working with us to ensure our customers can get the products they as quick as possible. New stock is arriving.

While we are working predominantly remotely, we are still getting orders out, with very minimal, and even in some cases, no delays !!


We are seeing some customers having FEDEX / UPS delivery delays. Some because delivery may require signature, and customer not available, or in the extreme case, carriers cannot get into your area due to restrictions.   

PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - Work with the Shipping Carrier ( FEDEX or UPS ) for your order. We send Tracking Information to you as it comes available. 

If you track your order, and/or notice a delay in your shipment(s), you will want to contact FEDEX or UPS to arrange for delivery, hold at a FEDEX / UPS pickup location...or hold delivery. 

FEDEX: 800-463-3339

UPS: 1-888-742-5877

Check for Service Alerts / Delays from Shipping Carriers

FEDEX - visit online at ( https://www.fedex.com/en-us/service-alerts.html )

UPDATE 3/24/2020 - We have fully implemented of COVID-19 plan ( as previous stated below )

Our online ordering system ( SUPREMEWATERSALES.COM ) is fully ready to take your orders!  

Many of our suppliers / vendors / manufacturers have implemented their COVID-19 Safty Protocols (ie: reduced hours - reduced staff - reduced deliveries )

We are still able to have NEW Purchase Orders processed & shipped ( in a timely fashion )

Shipping Service Providers ( FEDEX & UPS ) are still out their making their delivering packages..KUDOOS! 

If you see a FEDEX or UPS Driver - GIVE THEM A NOD & WAVE - SAY THANK YOU - Remember: FEDEX & UPS drivers are out their in the front-lines of COVID-19 - Please show you appreciation & support !

We are seeing minimal delays - PLEASE - expect some additional delays as days progress during the COVID-19.

As a reminder:

Our COVID-19 office/warehouse hours are in full effect: 8:30 AM to approx 11:30 AM ( FEDEX / UPS - Pickup Window ) - After, we will be going fully remote access for the remainder of the day to minimize exposure.

Our phone-in customer service is open by calling (866) 202-8388 ( M-F 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM ( EST - Florida Time ) - Due to remote access and call volume - PLEASE - leave a message if you don't get thru on your first try.

Thank You & Stay Safe !!

UPDATE 3/22/2020 - Supreme Water Sales Response to COVID-19

We, as Small Business owners, are doing what we can do to ensure the safety of our families, our customers, and our local community during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We are all in this together...

We understand - we want everyone to be safe & keep healthy.

We understand - your needs to find and obtain products.

We understand - you wanting to receive shipment of your product as fast as possible.

Since 2007, Supreme Water Sales has been committed to helping customers. We will do what we can to ensure our customers can receive their orders in a timely fashion.

Please understand, sometimes issues, delays or problems may occur along the way, that will be out of our control. If this happens, please know we are here to help. 


To help reduce the spread of COVID-19 locally, we have decided to discontinue local pick-up at our warehouse facility here in Naples Florida. 



SupremeWaterSales.com will continue to operate, but we are continuously monitoring the affects of COVID-19 and how it may impact our business (IE: Delays in obtaining products for our supply chain / Delays with shipping carriers ) 

Our customer service will be available by calling (866) 202-8388 ( Monday - Friday between 8:30 AM thru 4:30 PM ( EST - Florida Time ) - however, we may be working remotely, please understand to potential limitations this may cause.

All online orders will be processed and shipped as quickly as possible. Please allow minimum of 1 to 2 Business Days from date of your order. 

No Guarantee we can ship your order the same day your ordered it. 

No Guarantee Delivery Date on any Express or Ground Shipments from Shipping Carriers ( FEDEX or UPS )

PLEASE NOTE: Delays may occur caused by third-parties vendors, shipping carriers, manufacturers and/or suppliers. We will notify you of any major delays for your order to ship in a timely fashion. 


Each of our suppliers and manufacturers are taking their own precautionary measures to ensure safety for their Vendors and Customers during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

We suspect many Manufacturers & Suppliers WILL BE impacted the longer the COVID-19 continues, as this will cause delays in the Supply Chain to obtain product(s).

At this point, we are seeing minimal delays in obtaining some of our products.

SHIPPING & DELIVERIES - Minimal Delays ( except in highly affected areas )

At this time, we are seeing only small delays from FEDEX and UPS, however, certain delivery areas will or may have delays caused by COVID-19. 

FEDEX - visit online at ( https://www.fedex.com/en-us/service-alerts.html )