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Universal 5-Stage - 50 GPD - RO Replacement Filters - GAC Filter Kit

Universal 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System Replacement Filters
Need to replace your filters in your RO System? We've made it simple with our Universal Replacement Kit that use factory OEM replacement filters (Not "Knock-Offs" or Generic Filters)

Kit includes ONE of each of the filters & membrane required to replace filters in your 5-stage RO...it's quick and simple!!

1 x FPMB5-978 ( Sediment - Stage One )
1 x MAXETW-975 ( Carbon Block - Stage Two )
1 x GAC10 ( GAC - Stage Three )
1 x W-1812-50 ( Membrane - 50 gpd - Stage Four )
1 x AICRO ( Post GAC Filter - Stage Five )

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Product Details
Looking to find replacement filters for your 5-Stage RO System?
Reverse Osmosis systems need to have filter replaced to ensure quality of production. We recommend you to replace your filters in a timely fashion, to ensure your system works at peak performance.

5 Stage RO Systems Filter ( With a GAC Filter ) & Recommended Replacements Time

Stage 1 - Sediment filter - recommended change of 6 months (MAX)
The first stage of your RO system is a five micron sediment filter that traps sediment and other particulate matter like dirt, silt and rust which affect the taste and appearance of your water

Stage 2 - Carbon filter - recommended change 6 months (MAX)
The second stage contains a 5 micron carbon block filter. This helps ensure that chlorine, chloramines and other materials that cause bad taste and odor are greatly reduced.

Stage 3 - Granulated Activated Carbon ( GAC ) filter - recommended change 6 months (MAX)
The GAC Filter Cartridge is a water washed coconut shell granular activated coconut carbon water filter replacement cartridge used primarily for under sink filtration systems to reduce the bad taste and odor of chlorine. The GAC Filter features coconut shell granular activated carbon (GAC) technology for better water filtration

Stage 4 - Membrane, recommended to be changed every 2 years.
Stage four, is the heart of the reverse osmosis system, the RO membrane. This semi-permeable membrane will effectively take out TDS & Sodium and a wide range of contaminants such as Percholate, Chromium, Arsenic, Copper, Lead as well as Cysts, such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Because the process of extracting this high quality drinking water takes time, your RO water treatment system is equipped with a storage tank.

Stage 5 - Carbon inline filter, recommended to be changed every 6-12 months.
The final stage is an inline granular activated carbon (GAC) filter (aka: AICRO) which is used after the water storage tank, and is used as a final polishing filter

This 5-stage reverse osmosis (RO) replacement filter kit, may also fit:
• Watts W-525
• Watts GTS550S
• Arrow Industries: RO-550
• Flowmatic FMRO5J
• Nelsen's NRO5-50
• PuROline PL50T50
• PureValue 5EZ50
• AquaElite: AEII-TLC-50D
• Hydronix RO-550Q-1
• ...and many more 5-stage under sink reverse osmosis systems
Additional Info
Additional Info
Filter Type Specialty Filters
Membrane GPD 50 GPD
Approx Filter Size / Type 2 in x 10 in
Micron Rating 5 Micron
Filter Improves / Removes No
Brand Watts

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