Submersible Dewatering Pumps

Need to go waist deep to ankle high?
Dewatering pumps are the right solution for you!

TIP: With their solids handling capability, these pumps can be used to transfer or remove water from virtually anywhere. Choose based on GPM and Voltage.
A dewatering pump is an invaluable tool for removing water quickly – whether in a commercial construction application or in a small residential clean-up job. These pumps are available in many different sizes and can range from small portable units to large stationary machines. Choosing the right pump for the job will save time, money and hassle.

When choosing the right dewatering pump, questions you should looking to determine which pump is right for your application

1. Determine the scope of your project:
Gallons per minute (GPM) – how much water do you need to move and how quickly do you need to move it?
Head in feet – how high does the pump need to push the water, from the water level to where the water should emerge?
Friction Loss – how long is the discharge pipe or hose, what friction losses must be considered?

2. Determine the frequency of use and portability that you require:
Will the pump be used continuously, periodically, or only once or twice?
Do you need a pump that can be moved from one job site to another or will the pump be placed at one site for ongoing use?

3. Consider the water:
Is it clean or does it include small solids or debris that need to be pumped through?

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  • Munro POND150 - Submersible Dewatering Pond Pump - 1/5 HP - 110 V

    • Manufacturer: Munro
    • Series: POND Series
    • MPN: POND150
    • Horsepower: 1/5 HP
    • Voltage: 110 Volts
    • Amp Draw: 3 Amps
    • Cord Length: 10 Feet

    • Discharge Connection (Included): 5/8", 3/4", 1” Hose, 5/8” GHT, 1” NPT
    • Max Solids Passage (inches): 0.157"

    • Dimensions: 10" (H) x 6.5" (W)
    • Weight: 9 Lbs

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