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Watts WQCFU-T-11KIT - Complete Drinking Water System

• Manufacturer: Watts Water
• USE: Under Sink Drinking Water
• INCLUDES: Kits include long reach chrome faucet, Adapt-A-Valve and tubing, one set of filters

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Product Details
What is a Drinking Water System?
Drinking water systems provide filtration from basic to highly-advanced levels depending on the application and requirements.
Basic systems can provide filtration for sediment and taste/odor reduction while advanced systems provide basic filtration plus reduce cysts.
Watts Water drinking water systems use proven designs in many configurations to produce high-quality, great-tasting water.

Watts Water - Under Counter Quick-Change (QC) - Drinking Water Systems
Quick-Change™ System with Ultra-Filtration Technology
Watts drinking water systems with Quick-Change™ filter elements and hollow fiber membranes come complete with sediment cartridge, carbon block cartridge, hollow fiber membrane, long reach chrome faucet, tapping valve and tubing.

What does the QC Drinking Water System Reduce?
• Chlorine taste and odor ( Up to 97% Reduction )
• Particulate
• Sand
• Silt
• Rust particles
• Cysts

NOTICE System requires a minimum of 20psi inlet pressure (1.4 bar) and pressure drop is 3psi at 0.5 GPM

Features & Benefits to using the QC drinking water systems
• Quick-Change™ cartridges are removed with a 1/4-turn
• No filter sumps, no mess, no fuss
• No tank needed, frees up space
• Cartridges have double O-rings to prevent leaks
• Choice of cartridge types and sizes for residential, commercial and foodservice applications

Quick-Change™ Drinking Water Systems VERSES Reverse Osmosis ( RO) Systems
• Low cost alternative to RO
• No reject water (100% of the water is used) EXTREMELY beneficial to reducing City Water Bill
• No pressure problems, Units work as low as 20psi / 1.4 bar pressure
• Installation is quick and easy
• Leaves essential nutrients in water
• Three different cartridge sizes available
• Cartridges are color coded for easy identification
Brand Watts Water
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